Your Career in 2014 -- According to the Cosmos!

Your Career in 2014 -- According to the Cosmos!
Even though we're four weeks into 2014, there's still plenty of time to allow the New Year to bring about new professional possibilities. Here's a quick guide to standout work themes for your Sun sign in 2014!

Between January and June, concentrate on making choices that will help you create a better work/life balance. Be sure to avoid career obsession. From July onward, lucky Jupiter showers you with creative genius, so be sure to use it wisely!

Mercury retrograde in your career sector in February will encourage you to review and revise professional plans. Aggressive Mars retrograde between March and May will help you reorganize your daily schedule. By December, Mars enters your professional sector and will help power you forward!

Due to Jupiter's presence in your money sector, you have an abundance of opportunities to boost your income between January and July. Say yes to offers as you expand your repertoire and develop your skills. Dedication to routine pays off in August when Mars and serious Saturn combine in your daily sector.

Expect sparks of insight, exciting (if random) opportunities, and a radical shift in mindset as Jupiter and Uranus combine to enhance your career prospects -- especially between mid February and late April, and again between mid September and early October. This can be a year for a breakthrough, or even a mid career shake-up!

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Doors open and opportunities beckon as Jupiter enters your sign in July. Aim to get out of your comfort zone as you explore new territories and embrace opportunities. Until July, any work you undertake behind the scenes will help set yourself up for success down the road!

Until June, friends will be key to you gaining professional traction, so be sure to promote your talents through your social and professional circles. Mercury retrograde in your career sector in June prompts you to review -- and perhaps revise -- your schedule and goals. Come July, Venus will help you make positive impressions when it counts!

Jupiter invites you to move forward professionally until July; at the same time, however, Mars retrograde in your sign highlights fears and insecurities. Decide what's most important to you -- and not to others -- then proceed accordingly. Finances improve with Mars playing a significant role in August.

A new 12-year career cycle starts for you under Jupiter's influence in July. Until then, focus on training, teaching, travel, and sorting out your goals. Once Jupiter enters your professional sector, you'll be ready to take a step up, increase responsibility, and do what you truly love.

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Working behind the scenes is extremely important for you this year. Rather than strive for external validation, take time to clarify what's most important to you professionally. Long-term financial security is a priority until July; after that, offers for work-related travel or study could well appear.

Your career sector hosts an extended cycle of Mars until mid year. You'll balance confidence and courage with the need to deeply question your own motives -- especially when Mars goes retrograde between March 1 - May 20. Work may be hit-and-miss until June, so slow your pace a bit and make sure you're on the right track.

Slow-and-steady will be your key mantra to career success in 2014. Mars joins Saturn in your work sector in August, a turning-point month when you can expect a major decision or offer to arise regarding your future professional path. Aim to hit key targets before then to put yourself in the best position for progress and recognition!

Mars in your career sector from mid September through late October reignites your thirst for your work; a new two-year career cycle begins then, at which point you may undertake a new challenge or project. Jupiter in your daily sector from July onward indicates a busy second half of the year for you. Say yes to any opportunities that reflect your authentic self!

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