Changes in weather and starting chain of festivals are closely related to alergies and Asthama if not cared for.

Now that the summer heat is off and the humidity along with changing of dowm trend in temperatures is gong on with fluctuations with dust all around due to cleaning of the house hold stuff the enveronment is showing its impact on the health of the people.
It is sujested that it is better to face it with detrmination and precautions so as to remain healthy and enjoy the festivals coming in line.
Agreed that there are medicines and antibiotics to accept the challenge of vagoueries of weather but still, it is better if any body takes all precautions to ward off the attack of allegies and consquently Asthama etc.
The best way is to control the habit of eating that stuff whih is not toleated with ons digestive system,etc. Milk, it preperatons and some other vegetables or snacks etc.
I am wrting it to as I myself has ben a victtim for about sixty years of this malady noif allergy and Asthama, but rarerlly I had he privilage of having anti biotic medicine etc in any year but did took all the precautions required for it.
I am above eightys but still fit to work and live a simple life
Thereare good medicins in Homeopathy.Ayu8r fedic and Unanai system along with the Allopathic medicines for emmergencies to.