Cheap and Chic: 10 DIY Wall Decorations (One For $5!)

We all need some in-home sprucing-up before spring, and the easiest way to update a pad is with wall decor. Fine art will cost you more than a pretty penny, and we sure as hell aren't the best painters. So what's a dame to do when she wants to enhance her walls without breaking the bank? Here are a few DIY tips for creating your own custom wall decor on the cheap!

Have $5 and 15 minutes? Then, one way to keep your walls looking simple and chic is to wrap a plain ol' canvas with tape -- criss-crossing the lines for added depth. Then, pick any color paint you want and slather the canvas in it. Once the panel is dry, remove the tape and revel in your mod masterpiece.

2. Mirrors make a room look bigger, and when you mount one as a mosaic, one shiny pice of glass becomes a room-widening work of art. Buy a quadrilateral mirror without any side decorations, or one that only has a flat, square surface around it. Pick up small mosaic tiles, like these from Cool Tiles , and use cement glue to attach them to the sides of the mirror. Mix up the colors to create a genuine mosaic wall piece.

This piece of wall decor from Crate and Barrel will run you $89.95. You can either shell out the cash for a Cubist-inspired piece like this, or you can custom make one for your own home. Just grab yourself as many uniform, rectangle blocks of plywood as you'd like and some glue that will securely hold wood together. If you want to have a more colorful piece of decor, paint the blocks before you glue them. They can be the same color, or different ones for a more intricate look. Start placing and laying the different blocks on top of each other without glue first, just to make sure you like the size and shape of the final design before you mount it.

4. If you have a favorite artist, image, or place, there is no reason you can't have the perfect picture of it hanging in your home. The secret to great prints for an even better price? Buy a postcard of the image and bring it to a print shop to be blown up. When it is nicely framed and under glass, no one will be able to tell it was cheaper than today's lunch.

5. Vintage and well-designed fabrics look gorgeous pulled over a canvas. Visit a fabric store or website, like Calico Corners , and pick a print that matches your room. Buy enough of it to cover a canvas, and wrap the fabric tightly around the panel, smoothing the front and stapling the edges in the back.

6. Hanging quilts is another easy way to decorate your walls without spending a fortune. Quilt hangers are sold in craft and carpeting stores. A cherry blossom-covered quilt like this one from Target is less than $25!

7. Travel and memory collages are a great way to decorate with sentimentality. Gather a few of your favorite photos, mementos, and even tickets to color copy and cut out. Paste them on a sheet of pretty paper the size of a poster frame, and arrange them any way you'd like, just like Martha Stewart did. Frame the poster, and voila!

8. Wall decor doesn't have to include paint or a canvas. Try finding quaint antiques to mount. These antique keys from Pottery Barn will only run you $19, while these skeleton keys on eBay are only $12.
Pottery BarnPottery Barn

9. Old record covers are totally retro, like this R.E.M. piece that is only $1 on eBay. They're super cheap and super cool. Mount them on their own, or in a frame with the record peeking out.

10. The easiest DIY way to spruce up your walls is to slap a decal right on the paint. Companies like Ferm Living have a ton of options for living rooms, kid's rooms, and bedrooms.

Ferm LivingFerm Living
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