Child Sexual Abuse Explained

In their continuing fight against child abuse, One Child International's, Child AbuseWatch today launched a new brochure 'Child Sexual Abuse Explained (for concerned parents)'.

It marks a point in the battle against child sexual abuse where explicit verbal depictions of abuse are being used in the public domain. When asked why they chose this strategy One Child International CEO Evin Daly said, 'child sexual abuse is as serious a crime as murder and adult rape. It cannot be understood hidden behind soft words and references; we set it out in plain language so that there is no opportunity for misunderstanding. No parent can any longer say that they don't know what it is.'

Daly is known at home and abroad as a hard-driven child advocate. The charity he leads, One Child International is involved in many key aspects of advocacy and social activism for children in the U.S. and Europe. A concern at One Child has been the media's use of what One Child's team refers as 'safe words' when dealing with sexual abuse of children.

'They (the media) make child sex abuse sound like a hobby as they avoid offending peoples sensitivities,' a spokesperson said by phone on Saturday, 'we - parents - will only respond when we are faced head-on with the reality of the rape of a two-month-old baby or the use of five year old little girls in child pornography. Without confronting this reality this abuse will continue unchecked.'

The brochure is small and packs a powerful punch. It presents the information needed to understand the parameters of child sexual abuse in strong, plain, language. It offers advice on how to protect children from this insidious criminal activity.

A copy may be had by emailing your name and address to

One Child International is a U.S. based non-profit which 'speaks for those who can't - children.' It operates the Child AbuseWatch world network, a comprehensive community and law enforcement resource for learning about child abuse and prevention. The group has offices in the U.S., Dublin and Sydney.


See a pdf of Child Sexual Abuse Explained (for concerned parents) here