Clever New Uses for Stuff That's Destined for the Trash Heap

Breathe new life into stuff that's destined for the trash heap. Keep reading for clever ways to put spent gift cards, yogurt cups, sponges, and more to work in your home. -Tabitha Sukhai

Cut a Custom Trowel Using a Spent Gift Card. Why dirty a trowel when gluing down a few loose tiles? Instead, snip off one edge of a card with pinking shears to make a zigzag edge, use it to apply the mastic, then toss it. You can also cut the card to fit into just about any space.

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Move Heavy Furniture Using Carpet Scraps. Slide pieces of carpet pile-side down under-neath the legs of a bureau, bed, or dresser, then push it across the floor-much easier than lifting.

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Make a Tangle-Free Twine Dispenser With a Plastic Planting Pot. Put a ball of twine in a plastic pot, and pull the end through a hole in the bottom to keep it neat when using.

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Catch Paint Drips With a Yogurt Container Lid. Cut a hole in a lid large enough for a paintbrush handle. Slip the handle through the opening, and paint mess-free.

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Sprout Seeds With a Sponge. Embed flax, radish, or other fast-growing seeds in a damp sponge and place it under an inverted glass bowl in a sunny location. Moisten occasionally. Once you notice seedlings, transfer them to soil.

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