Color It Coastal! 5 Bright Palettes

These colorful palettes are all winners in our book! Whether you want a bright and bold room or a subdued and relaxing room, you'll find all kinds of ideas and inspiration with this guide.
Photo: Deborah Whitlaw LlewellynPhoto: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

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Red, White, & Blue
Photo: Debroah Whitlaw LlewellynPhoto: Debroah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Radiant and bold, this patriotic and nautical palette shouts summer style and adds spirit to any interior. Don't be bashful-go ahead and mix stripes with patterns. Remember: Red will dominate and blues will recede, so be judicious when placing reds throughout your home. Use them as vibrant accents, and let blue tell the story.

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Photo: Deborah Whitlow LlewellynPhoto: Deborah Whitlow Llewellyn

From bright purples to dazzling pinks, lime greens to sunny yellows, this color scheme demands hot colors and cool drinks. Try adding punches of color here and there if you're hesitant to use such a bold palette, or go all out and use colors you love where you'll see them most often. Mix bold patterns and colors for the ultimate tropical look.

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Blue & White
Photo: Roger DaviesPhoto: Roger Davies

Whether crisp and tailored or soft and casual, this classic combo never goes out of style. Light, subtle uses of blue create a soothing interior, blue and white stripes with wood accents will create a nautical look, and a combination of patterns and shades can bring a sophisticated coastal look to any home.

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Photo: Jean AllsoppPhoto: Jean Allsopp

Tangy yellows and zesty oranges add fresh-squeezed style to any interior or exterior space. Try a buttery yellow on upholstery (pictured) for a quieter citrus scheme. It radiates warmth without the shock factor of a neon tint. Or try using citrus hues on throw pillows or wall art to accent a muted room.

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Sea Glass
Photo: Alex HemerPhoto: Alex Hemer

Soft, refreshing sea glass shades look as alluring indoors as they do on the shore. Dress your home in these cool hues for a look that's shimmering with color and calming at the same time.

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