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Back-to-School FREEBIESBack-to-School FREEBIES

Back to school is a time for fresh starts, crisp sheets of lined paper and the smell of new crayons. But all those back to school necessities can cost you a pretty penny. If your family is feeling the back to school "buying blues" why not cheer yourself up with some great fall freebies?

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A lunch box may not seem like a major expense, but they usually need to be replaced at least twice during the school year. If your little ones lose theirs, or if you need a spare, grab a free reusable lunch bag from Annie's.

Laura Harders of saves big by utilizing Project Gutenberg. Never heard of it? Well if you read ebooks you'll want to check it out they have thousands of 100% FREE books! If your teen has a reading list they can download the free app right from their phone and take their assignments with them everywhere... meaning they have no excuse not to get their reading homework done.

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When I asked Rudy Danielle of what her favorite back to school freebie this year was, she gushed about free 5x7 photo prints available at Walmart's Photo Center. You can print the coupon by clicking here. The great news is you get one photo per child so you don't have to choose which kid is your favorite! Not that you have favorites.

Possibly the coolest back to school freebie this year is offered by JP Aerospace. Not only are they giving your little scientists the chance to have their very own experiment launched into space for free, they will get the ping-pong ball sized package back after it's journey! Check out their site for all the details.

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