The problem of corruption has taken the course of CANCER in all the fields, and it seems that as in hindi it is said " Jeyoun jeyon Illaage keya tyon tyon Marz Barhtaa gaya,"
Now we shoud attack from all the direction and by all means, ie by selecting of candidates for all the public functionaries including the Hon.members for the highest ruling body in the country And for this it is the duty of the Chief Election Commissioner to permit only those candidates,( matters little to which party they may belong) but are those only who have been never any time under court proceedings for any civil or criminal procceding against them.
As we very often hear that it is becoming a trend for EXTORTION FOR MONEY AND FOR ALL KINDS OF FAVOUR FROM ANY BODY IN POWR . BY THE CRIMINALS and threats from any body disguized as thorough gentle man in the public life.
Let us suppose that if in any organization consisting of 500 members or so and out of them about300 persons are members having or have had the court proceedings against them, thus is it not possible that the executing authorities may be always in the fear of 300 people if not obliged the ther way
To day in the Amar Ujala paper that the some powers may be with drawn from the ministers just to control if any undoing expected. This it self shows that there is fear that some undesirable in fluences ar there
Ther fore if the general election rules are so practical that no undesirable person is alloiwed to contest it and win through his activity may be it anti national.