Counter Evolution's salvaged-bowling-lane furniture strikes gold

In spite of the fact that one of the last times I went bowling, I embarrassed myself tremendously by leaving the bowling alley in the rental shoes after pinch-hitting on a media league team I didn't even quite belong to, and the bowling alley's bouncer (yes, there was a bouncer-this is New York, after all) had to holler at me, halfway down the escalator in the Port Authority bus station, leaving me to ride all the way down and back up again before a crowd of onlookers, I still really, really love bowling. I love the new bowling alley in Brooklyn with the decades-old scoring "computers", I love bowling birthday parties, and I love seeing how everyone's form differs. I especially love the fact that I got my first-ever turkey last year when I was visiting my parents for Christmas, and that the bowling alley people gave us about 17 free passes on our way out. So it should be no surprise that I love Counter Evolution NYC's reclaimed-lane-wood tables, benches, and counter tops.

Photo Credit: CounterEvolutionNYCPhoto Credit: CounterEvolutionNYCJust look at the arrows down at the far end of this one! Counter Evolution founder Jim Malone began salvaging wood from alleys that were upgrading to synthetic materials back in 2007, and now his line has 11 styles, all with appropriately hammy names like The Love Tap (a 28-inch round cafe table), the 7-10 Split (a long bench), and the King Pin (a 74-inch-long coffee table). You can also order a custom piece: just pick a top (maple or heart pine), a finish, a side (wood or metal) and a base (wood legs, cafe stand, or I-bars), and email for a quote.

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