Cricket or a Governance of a countery are or not poles apart in playing a game?

In cricket there are number of members consisting of a team to play the game, and every member has thespecific role to play at the post in the field., because he is a very well tried and experienced for that post to play the game.
For examplethe wicket keeper is behind the wickets to either catch out the player or stump him out. But none of the of the player in the team is supposed so fit for the post as he has not any such experience as required for it, so even the bowlersare there are for either fast bowling or for spinningand they cannot replace one another.
So it is very clear that to win the team all the players are generaly not replacable but if any peraon or player force the captain to arrange the order of the player according to his whims the result is a failure.
But let us see how the Governance in a democracy may face the problem of good workingwhen there are so many factors at the whims of the political persons and the different sects of the public for whom the country takes a back seat before their religion, cast aqnd creed plus their own interests and earnings and status.
Not only this if you shift one person (A MINISTER) who has been looking after a ministry and suddenly shifted to an other Technical ministry requiring the services of a technocrat or having thorough knowledge of the project or the problem - the result may be expected worst if the otherwise person is placed as replacement.
The other factor is generaly it is that a leader ora social worker is elected as a MM or a MLA but it is not understood howhe is fit for anypost in an office where as he may be an expert in sociality or otherwise one who could control the public.
I think nothing is known to the citizons of India that if such a minister is replaced how it may affect the change if the machinary downward (BABUDOM) is there or deep rooted for the ills if any in that office.
All the problem lies here with the Babus . they only have tobe moreefficient and loyal to the country then only there may not be scams and bunglings,