Cute Cat Photos? Step Away from the 'Send' Button

By Patricia Orsini,

Should you send that email?Should you send that email?Should you send that email? There's a chart for that, created by some folks at Online IT Degree. We found it on Fast Company's web site.
The cheeky flowchart guides the email-challenged through the decision-making process.

First, are you at work? No? Ok, fire at will.

Yes? Well then, is it for someone you work with? If so, is it work-related? Ok, then, is it about cats? Stop right there.

The chart is also filled with fun, informative - and scary - factoids about how much time the typical office worker spends on email per week.

"Are you sure it's work related?" asks one chain on the chart. "Because the typical office worker sends and receives 110 emails per day, resulting in 13 hours of emailing a week. Your boss is not stoked."
More reasons the boss isn't stoked: "Businesses lose $650 billion every year due to unnecessary emails, and office distractions (like email) cost companies more than $10,000 per employee yearly."

Is there anything a business owner can do to cut down on the emailing of Honey Badger videos? Or the never-ending chain of Happy Birthday messages that are cc'd to the entire office?

You'll find one answer as you get to the bottom of the chart: "Have you tried walking over and talking like real people do?"

Do people still do that?

How about your company? How much time do you think is wasted with unnecessary emails?

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