Deal or Dealbreaker: 3 Ways to Tackle Duty-Free

Source: Deal or Dealbreaker: 3 Ways to Tackle Duty-Free

It may be hard to resist the siren song of duty-free on a layover for an international flight. While it's never a good idea to impulse buy, there are things, and times, when a stop-in can save big bucks. Get started to shop smartly!

  • What Do I Need?: Be prepared! Make a wish list before you go and jot down the best price for the products you want so you always have a comparison point. If you've got a WiFi-enabled computer at the airport or a smartphone, you can check this as you go, just make sure the price isn't so high that the applicable taxes don't still fall short of savings.
  • Is This a Legit Product?: Choose the store carefully if shopping duty-free in a foreign city. Just like we shouldn't buy pricey products off the street (if expecting authenticity), look for sealed, undamaged packaging and check any applicable expiration dates regardless of store location.
  • Will I Be Taxed Later?: Most countries have limits for how much you can bring back and not be taxed (usually $800). Research before you leave home to ensure that you won't be taxed additionally and, if in Europe, always check for the "value added tax" - shops marked "tax-free" are typically lacking that country's V.A.T., too.

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