Delhi is it for Delhite ie Indians and not for Bharatis of Bharat Varash -illiterates ignorant enough that to live or visit Delhi?

From the statement of a responsible Minister of Government of India that the heinous crime etc commited are being done by Migrants "ie Bharitis" as if they are illiterates and unfit to live or visit Delhi the Glowbalised city of the Delhites of Delhi estate under the influnces of very open Society of western culture and of the refugees from Pakistan (which is experiencig the fruits of its culture in mass upheal of destruction of threir country."
In 1947 te refuges from Pakistan used to tell that their poor conditions is due to being driven by their own culture depecting the Lahore culture then prevaling there. And now the same culture is giving fruits here at Delhi that the people consider themselves as superime and the rest of India is nothing for them as cultured butonly poor ignorant and dirty fellows.
Now their conscions feel that for all the ills of theirs it is the people as migrants who could not reach to the culture andtherefore they commit al this vulgarity etc.
It is still time for them to mend themselvs and their government controls over te administration, lest like other states Law troubles do sprout here also