DIY Design Tip: Make a Statement With a Photo Wall

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Photo walls are a beautiful way to tell your family's story by displaying some of your favorite memories. Here are some ideas, including this set up courtesy of Pottery Barn to make your photo wall a standout!

Choose a color palette
Choose black, white, wood or colored frames for a cohesive look. I love this white frame photo wall by Sherry and John over atYoungHouseLove.

source: younghouselove

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I also love these black frames by Pottery Barn, below.

source: pottery barn

Though it's a tad more difficult to pull off, I also love the mixed color frames below, from Pottery Barn:

source: pottery barn via real life & real estate

Get Uneven
Don't be afraid to mix up your frame sizes and shapes---the key to this look is asymmetry and frames of varying shapes and sizes. Mix horizonal, vertical and even circular frames for a look that excites the eye and creates dimension.

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Location, Location
Choose a location in your home where a photo wall can make a statement! Your hallway, staircase or entryway are all fun choices. If you want to go really bold, an entire wall in your living room or dining room is also a great choice. I love...

source: pottery barn

source: wink
source: momathon

Mix it Up!
The key to a fun photo wall is to mix up the images you display---from formal photos and candids to postcards, paintings and magazine tears.

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Themes work too
I love photo walls that feature all black and white photos and art or photos that fit in a certain color palette---it can make a bold statement in a room

source: pottery barn via apartment therapy

Add the Unexpected

I love when photo walls have an unexpected feature like a wall vase with pretty flowers in it or little knick knacks that have a special significance. Including non-framed items in your overall photo wall design adds a unique touch and suddenly, your photo wall is even more of a conversation piece!

source: apartment therapy

On the Ledge

Do you want your photo wall to really POP!? Arrange photos on ledges or shelves on your wall. It's an alternative to a traditional photo wall. I particularly love this look in an office.

source: pottery barn

Remember, making a photo wall can take some time. Plan out your photo wall by choosing your location, items you'd like to include and then purchase the materials you need. You can buy inexpensive frames at IKEA if you'd like to save instead of splurge on this project!

Do you have a photo wall in your home? Let me know in the comments below!

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