DIY Halloween Costumes (No Sewing Required!)

Try these easy and inexpensive ideas for making children's Halloween costumes at home-no sewing required!

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1) Create the petals by cutting alternating pieces of orange and pink felt for the neck and waist. Attach petals, using hot glue, to two lengths of string that fit around your child's neck and waist.

2) Make the hat by gluing butterfly or flower shapes (we cut ours from colored construction paper) to a pink party hat.

3) Dress your child in a pink leotard and leggings, place strings of petals around waist and neck, and then add hat.

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1) Cut out two doughnut-shaped pieces of cardboard to fit around your child's waist and thighs like inner tubes. Use hot glue to attach about 2 yards of red felt to cardboard pieces for the teapot. Add polka dots and ribbon "rim." Attach rickrack suspenders. Add a white cardboard spout and handle.

2) Cover an empty tissue box with scraps of red-and-white fabric to make the lid/hat. Attach a large white pom-pom to the top.

3) Dress your child in a red turtleneck and white leggings. Add teapot, and tie on lid/hat.

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1) Cut out the shape of an artist's palette from heavy white cardboard. Cut two small holes in the top, and thread black yarn through them to hang around your child's neck. Use hot glue to attach a large decorative paintbrush to the middle of the palette, and surround it with painted blobs of assorted colors.

2) Dress your child in black clothing; add a beret, and hang palette around neck. Use eyeliner to draw a curly moustache onto face.

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Wedding Cake

1) Create the skirt from a piece of heavy cardboard that fits around your child's waist. Drape with about yards of white or blue satin. Use two lengths of white ribbon to create suspenders that hang over your child's shoulders, and attach to skirt. Let your child help embellish the satin with white pompoms and lace, rick rack, or other decorative tape to resemble a cake.

2) Make the topper/hat from cardboard, and fasten sides together. Wrap with satin fabric, and top with faux flowers.

3) Dress your child in white clothing, and then add skirt and topper/hat.

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