Do-It-Yourself Green Cleaning.

Eco-Me kit to make your own green, organic, chemical-free cleaning products.Eco-Me kit to make your own green, organic, chemical-free cleaning …We've been conditioned to think it takes a noxious product like bleach to really get stuff clean. Robin Kay Levine is helping to dispel that myth, one grease spill and one dirty sink at a time. She developed a do-it-yourself kit to show people just how easy it is to mix your own cleaners using common household supplies. The main ingredients are vinegar, which can kill up to 98% of bacteria and germs; baking soda, which acts as a natural abrasive to remove dirt and absorb odors; and olive oil, which polishes surfaces without leaving a sticky residue.

Robin KayRobin KayRobin was inspired to develop the Eco-Me cleaning kit after helping her sister during chemotherapy treatments and realizing how important it is to be surrounded by natural products that are free of harmful chemicals. The kit comes with three reusable containers that are marked with measurement lines on the side, plus enough ingredients to make one batch of each of Robin's cleaners. There's an all-purpose spray cleaner (for windows, counters and stainless steel), wood polish (for wood furniture and floors), and a scrub cleanser (for toilets, sinks and tubs). Her special blend of essential oils, including tea tree, lemongrass, lavender and rosemary, is also part of the kit.

Lisa BordenLisa Borden
Lisa Borden, a marketing executive and mother of three, wrote to tell us about the Eco-Me kit. "It is not often that an exceptional, safe and effective product line is backed by an exceptionally ethical company. Eco-Me offers it all," Lisa says.

The Joy of GreenThe Joy of GreenThank you to the Green Cleaning Coach and author of the book, "The Joy of Green Cleaning," Leslie Reichert who says, "Germs are invisible to the naked eye, and we've come to believe that we need to use toxic chemicals to kill germs, but Eco-Me proves that clean can be achieved with natural products that could actually be eaten." We couldn't agree more. It's time to get mixing.

Buy the Eco-Me kit to make your own green, organic, chemical-free cleaning products.

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