Do you care if your guy likes your perfume?

For some women, perfume is the finishing touch to make them feel completely ready to head out the door. For others, it's an unnecessary layer which causes headaches-literally.

But here at Real Beauty, we love our fragrances. Recently, a staffer who's default scent is Philosophy Amazing Grace, fell in love with Stella McCartney STELLA. Excited about adding a new perfume to her wardrobe, she made a trip to Sephora, her new boyfriend in tow. A wrench in the plan: the boyfriend took one whiff and said, "Please do not buy that." She opted for Marc Jacobs Lola instead.

What are your thoughts on this? Should she had said, "Forget you-I'm buying what I like!" or is her reasoning right in line, since the object is to turn on your boyfriend, not make him sneeze?

Should you care if your guy likes the perfume that you're wearing? Do you like his cologne? What perfume do you wear, or do you rely on your own personal natural scent? Sound off below.

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