Do You Know About the Exclusive Travel Deals on Facebook & Twitter?

By: Desiree Miller GALTime Staff Writer


Thinking about summer travel and dreading the expense? You can find ways to save if you are willing to make a few new friends and follow some others. That's because many companies are now offering deep discounts via Facebook and Twitter.

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Ed Perkins with says, "You should certainly sign up for the social media of any airline you're likely to want to fly." By signing up, he means becoming a follower on Twitter, or "liking" the company on Facebook. "The companies will send savings right to you, instead of you having to search the web for ways to cut costs," says Perkins. And it's not just airlines offering the savings.

Travel companies from hotels to cruise lines are jumping on board with these special offers that the general public won't always hear about.

Be aware. These are typically offers that require you to act fast.

Other times the offers are two-for-one specials. There are even free trips if your timing is right and luck is on your side, as in the case of a cruise line that recently used Twitter to give away a trip for four lasting seven days. You may also be able to win free bonus miles or points.

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Always check out any offer thoroughly, especially if it comes from a third party and not directly from the airline, cruise-line or hotel.

One final tip from Perkins: check for promotional codes that will give you more discounts on your next trip. Then you can use the money you saved for extra fun while you're gone!

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