Don't pay child support? Bid the gun rack bye bye

Posted by JeanneSager

If you teach a man to fish, he may eat for a lifetime -- but that doesn't mean his kids will. Which is why the State of Tennessee is looking to revoke 1,200-some fishing and hunting licenses from deadbeat moms and dads.

In the last few days, letters were sent out to more than 20,0000 residents across the state with a warning -- pay in full within 90 days or hand over their recreational, driver's or professional license. This isn't the first year state officials have taken advantage of the fact that the state issues licenses for everything from driving to casting a line. State and federal law both allow for social services to revoke any state-issued license as a means to punish parents who aren't living up to their court-ordered obligation to help support their children. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work. Approximately 7,000 licenses were yanked last year because the parents failed to heed the warning.

This time around, almost 18,000 residents stand to lose their driver's licenses, another 1,200 their right to hunt and fish. If they aren't willing to feed and clothe their own kids, I find it hard feel bad for someone who's been told they can't take off on a boat for a few days or go out to camp with the boys. Although there are people who hunt and fish to feed their families, I live in a rural area where I've watched the same people who tell me they need to hunt to eat plunk down a couple hundred on a brand new rifle or fancy fly-fishing reel. Besides, these men and women AREN'T feeding their families, that's the reason they got themselves into this mess in the first place. The state may even be doing them the favor of helping them save a little money this year. That's a couple hundred that could buy a nice hunk of cow from the grocery store and a pile of produce at the farmers' market.

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