Don't settle for lemons!

hmmm me be picky? i think not i just don't settle for lemons...aka: people with issues..yes we all have issues only difference is i have took the time to deal with mine;)

deal breakers:

1. tempers!!! someone that can't communicate like a normal person.. aka : hollar*monkey....i have no time for that non sense ...i'm busy raising my own lil guys...

2.Clingy...aka: blowing up my phone more than once when i haven't responded...have confidence that i will respond hellooooo i might be busy with my responsibilities...aka :my kids

3.low self esteem....if we have a conversation and you decided to go there with putting yourself down..big no no! not cute that ain't my job to build you up... i love confidence..;)

4.if you lie" 1 lie is a lie too many!

5.must be family oriented..

I wouldn't consider this being picky i would consider being smart and knowing what i want..

let's not forget that i was once married to a violent person...

and then went to be with someone for 8yrs that went no where!

last but not least dated the boy who cried wolf!

So i intend to make better choices!

and not settle for less