Easy Bedroom Transformations - Room # 2

ROOM TWO: Vintage Finds

Second-hand or vintage items are inexpensive to resource, easy to spruce up, and lend a lot of personality to a small space, such as a guest room. Make the space happy and fun, and invite guests to feel at home.

BEDDING: This chenille bedspread is inviting on the newly painted iron bed. Sheets in spring hues pull it all together. And extra pillows can be propped for bedtime reading.

COLOR: This room is all about welcome, so communicate that with a generous dose of cheerful colors, such as soft greens and yellows.

FURNITURE: Treat guests like family members and provide a sound frame and a good mattress. A place for clothes, a reading lamp, and a table for personal items are also thoughtful touches.

DRAPERIES: A gingham sheet sews up nicely into country-style draperies that filter light and provide privacy. They're thrifty to make and easy to match to any type of bedding, too.

WELCOMING TOUCHES: Take a cue from a favorite hotel and provide amenities such as scented toiletries, towels, bottled water, and even delicious snacks.

FURNITURE PLACEMENT: Fit a small room with a large bed by angling it in the corner. This de-emphasizes the room's size. White paint on the frame softens the look.

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