Easy Steps For Renovating Your Bathroom

Planning an overhaul? No matter how big or small, start here

Written by Brooke Lea Foster

Photo: Pieter EstersohnPhoto: Pieter Estersohn6 Months Out

-Get inspired. To figure out what you want your new bathroom to look like, tear pages out of magazines and catalogues, and make a scrapbook or inspiration board.

-Ask around for contractor recommendations. While it's not necessary to talk to a contractor yet, it's a good time to start poking around for recommendations.

-Start sketching. It's essential to consider layout early on.

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3 Months Out

-Finalize your budget. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the average person will spend about $11,000 renovating a bathroom.

-Hire a contractor. With a few months to go before demolition, it's a good time to bring in a licensed contractor.

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Two Months Out:

-Purchase tile and fixtures. While some tile orders can be fulfilled in two to three days, handmade or hand-painted tiles could take 12 weeks.

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One Month Out:

-Prep for contractor's arrival. Clear out medicine cabinets and bathroom closets.

-Shop for accessories. Towel bars, towel hooks, a toilet paper holder, and the perfect soap dish.

-Select a paint color. Once the tile is up and the flooring is down, you'll be able to get a sense of what color to paint the walls.

-Check in with your contractor often. Every day, when the contractor arrives, ask what will be done that day and mention any project hiccups and concerns you might have.

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Final Days:

-Be flexible. If a project runs a few days over, try not to get frustrated. If that's the biggest problem you've had, you got off easy.

-Inspect the contractor's work. Chances are you'll do this every day, but if anything seems amiss, try to address it before the job is completed.

-Celebrate. Throw down your new bath mats, unpack your toiletries, and sip a glass of Champagne.

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