eBay Obsessed has a new obsession

So, I was not going to blog about this because, well, sometimes blogs are annoyingly confessional and I never, ever want to annoy you, but ... I'm getting married! In (gasp) less than three weeks! And the embarrassing truth is it's all I can think about. Also? These days it's really all I search for on eBay. Our wedding is going to be casual: We're going to City Hall, having dinner, and then meeting friends for drinks (then, yes Mom, I'm having a big party later, I promise). But I still want to look bride-y and special and feel pretty. So, this is what I'm envisioning: a kind of early '60s Mad Men vibe, with a shortish dress, red lipstick (of course), vintage rhinestone jewelry, and an elaborately ladylike clutch. I'm also searching frantically for a cool, off-white vintage dress coat, which is weirdly hard to find. So far, I've kind of fallen in love with this double-breasted "spy" style, but it might be a little too beige and not "festive" enough. More posts to come on this--the jewelry, the purse, the entire shebang. Yay!

Is it gauche to buy a wedding dress of eBay?

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