Embracing Change, Fueling Inspiration

When asked to name the most inspiring woman in my life, without question it would be my older sister Tamika. I can tally off a list of women that have been influential to my spiritual, educational, and physical well-being; however, my sister is most inspiring.

Tamika's strength and tenacity in the face of adversity encourage me to be a better person. You see, my sister has been on dialysis over 3 years and is only in her mid-twenties. Often, I feel ashamed of myself when I cringe at having lab work done-fully cognizant that Tamika experiences the twinge of a needle almost every day. Not once does she complain when she inserts incredibly sharp needles in her arm six days a week. In fact, she relishes life by traveling constantly and choosing to live a robust life.

My sister inspires me in ways I cannot imagine. She teaches me that life is a gift and is meant to be cherished. Having seen how she manages her chronic illness and encourages other dialysis patients, I am inspired to be a better person, more understanding of change, and unafraid of obstacles.

There are countless women I admire, but Tamika's ability to ride the currents of life while refusing to be swept up greatly inspire me.

I will never forget the extreme courage Tamika had as she took a 100 pound dialysis machine to Japan in an effort to see the world. Through my sister, I have been inspired to embrace life and hold on to it as tightly as I can. Tamika inspires me because she does not use her illness as a crutch, but instead as a catalyst to propel throughout life.