What Employers Are Looking for on Facebook

Read this before you go on Facebook again. You already know how important it is to clean up your Facebook and Twitter accounts when you're job-hunting-especially now that some employers are asking to look at your social media pages during the interview process. But now we know what they're looking for.

By Korin Miller

According to a new CareerBuilder.com survey, employers say they're on the hunt for these red flags:

* Inappropriate or provocative photos (49 percent)
* Information about a candidate drinking or using drugs (45 percent)
* Poor communication skills (35 percent)
* Discriminatory comments about other people (28 percent)
* Lying about qualifications (22 percent)

Apparently you don't have to stress over your Twitter feed as much: 65 percent of employers said they home in on Facebook, while 63 percent look at LinkedIn. Only 16 percent look at Twitter.