Everybody's doing it...? Mommyhood, after 35

By Kaitlin Stanford for TheBump.com

First it was 47-year-old Kelly Preston that had us all talking and now it's 42-year-old Celine Dion -- seems like this month's biggest celebrity baby announcements have really sparked a lot of convo about mamas having babies later in life. But should we really be all that surprised? After all, with life expectancy at an all-time high, fertility science improving by the year, and later marriages on the rise, it seems only natural that we'd be heading this way. Right?

Apparently so, according to a recent study by The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, which shows that the rate of pregnancies in women over 35 is indeed climbing. In fact, for the first time in decades, it's trumped the teen pregnancy rate -- with 14 percent of babies being born to a mother in the 35+ crowd versus the 10 percent that are born to a teen mom each year. Granted, those are both extremes, but it made us wonder: What is the "ideal" age to have a baby?

Talk to other 35+ moms-to-be

Earlier this year, TheBump.com teamed up with ForbesWoman to see whether or not there really is a magic number, after all. Turns out, a whopping 76 percent of Bumpies who took the survey felt the "perfect" age is anywhere between 25 and 34. But the real sweet spot? Within that range, 42 percent of Bumpies felt anywhere between 25 and 29 was ideal for starting a fam. (Read more results from the survey now.)

And maybe that's not that surprising after all, considering that there really are more roadblocks to conceiving as you get older. There's not a lot we can do about the fact that by the time we're 30, we've lost 90 percent (yes, 90 percent) of our viable eggs or that between the ages of 20 and 40, our chances of conceiving drop by 50 percent. Those alone are some pretty compelling reasons to start early.

But what about you -- what age did you start your family at? Was it the "right" age for you, or do you wish you'd waited longer/could have started earlier?

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