An EYE SPY Pick of the Day - Lovvvit - a New Web/App

Check out Lovvvit.comCheck out Lovvvit.comEYE SPY a new web/app company that you must immediately check out. It's called Lovvvit and it combines the best elements of Yelp, YouTube and Groupon to offer all of us online shoppers a more entertaining and genuine user recommended video experience attached to a deal! Lovvvit is the place where we are able to show the world videos about our favorite places to eat, drink, play and love. These videos created will have the opportunity to be chosen by the merchant to be featured on the Lovvvit website or application attached with a deal. Lovvvit will also be the platform that will allow customers and businesses to communicate and reward each other in a unique way. There is much to learn about Lovvvit and the experience for both the merchant and user. We simply wanted to introduce this upcoming web/app to you and our EYE SPY featured pick of the day!

Well, wait?! Did we say "video"? Let us clarify for you. Next time you are out at a local favorite spot, take your phone and video yourself expressing your LOVE of the place. These videos are meant to be natural and in the moment! It's really about the love, passion and excitement. CEO and Founder Max Gottlieb tells us "It's really all about connection... a love connection. Allowing people to capture the moments when we experience something amazing - surprised by great service or a great product". Each video you create and upload to the Lovvvit web/app, there will be a point system (known as celeb status), which will allow you to win prizes and discounts. Here at EYE SPY, we all know that getting into the habit of picking up your phone to shoot a video when you are out is still new... but we are all using Instagram to share what we love with photos. Now we can do the same thing with video! Difference is, the videos uploaded have the opportunity to be shared with a deal attached by the merchant.

Take a look at this video created by Lovvvit to help explain how this can work.

So how does this work for a merchant?

Lovvvit is what small business owners are looking for these days. It's about attracting new customers and creating a connection with them that not only keeps them coming back again and again, but making them an ambassador for their business. Lovvvit is the only company that will allow businesses to receive and manage customer generated videos to market their company across the web. Businesses can use these videos to attract new customers and can launch deals instantly wherever and whenever they want, rotating videos and deals using the Lovvvit platform, essentially running their own media campaign.

"People's passions and emotions are fueling the online marketing for the things they love and this is the tool to allow them to do that," says Gottlieb.

Lovvvit recently launched a sweepstakes. "Tell the World What You Love" sweepstakes allows new users to enter their favorite business on and win a chance to receive a $250 gift certificate. The sweepstakes is simple and will allow Lovvvit to begin engaging with users to learn about what they love, encouraging them to create videos about their experiences. These videos will also be used to educate businesses about the marketing power of Lovvvit.

"Our passionate users are the most valuable asset of this company. We want to hear and are ready to listen to everything they have to say about Lovvvit in order to deliver an amazing experience," says Gottlieb.

Hurry now and enter the contest and have a chance to win $250 and be one of the first to use the Lovvvit platform! Gottlieb is encouraging users to play, test, upload videos, and send feedback during the beta process. To find out more about how to get access to the beta site, contact Lovvvit at and or go to their homepage.

Check out to enter the sweepstakes and know more behind this new upcoming application and site. Merchants, if you are interested in knowing how to be part of Lovvvit and their launch, you can reach out to It is no charge to sign up.

You can also follow Lovvvit on Twitter and Facebook.

We look forward to keeping you all informed with Lovvvit and the official launch. In the meantime, please support any of your favorite local businesses by letting them know about this and simply going to and typing in your favorite local spot. We just did it and it took us one minute.

- Team EYE SPY