Facebook, Twitter and E-mail, Oh, My! Tips To Get Control Of Your Digital Life

We live in a fantastic age. Computers that used to fill a room can now be held in the palms of our hands. We have social media, like Facebook and Twitter, email accounts for work, others for friends and family, smart phones, and e-readers. All of these devices are meant to simplify our lives and help us stay connected, but you might feel like road kill on the Super Highway without some ways to control the vast amount of data and communications that is literally your fingertips twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Here are some great suggestions to help you maintain sanity and clarity in the digital world.

EMAIL Email can stack up like a game of Tetris in a matter of days, sometimes hours. You can easily miss important communications or fun things to read if you ignore the pile up. Here's how to keep email accounts tidy:
· Delete. Repeat. I bet a good 50% or more of my email can be deleted upon receipt. Use your delete button frequently and trash all those messages that you don't care about, won't read, or will never read again once you've perused it.
· Pass It On if the task the sender asks you to do truly belongs to someone else, delegate. Don't let it sit idly because it doesn't fall under your purview.
· Create Folders for messages that you do not have time to read/respond to when they first arrive. Arrange them by priority. Resist the temptation to read it and "get back to it later." You may well think, because the message has been marked as "read" that the item or request has been taken care of.
· Switch to a Web-Based Email System, such as Google's Gmail. You can access web-based email from anywhere, even on your phone and you will never have to worry about losing your emails should your computer crash, as Google backs up and archives all communications.

SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc)

Stay Off! It can be immensely tempting to check your Facebook account constantly. However, if you are working, the best thing to do is NOT log on. You wouldn't want your surgeon wondering who was on Facebook as he's operating on you, would you? Your job many not be as life-altering as surgery, but you still should devote your time and consideration to your work when it is truly necessary.


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