Find the Sexiest Jeans for Your Body

1. Locate your shape. 2. See which styles flatter you most. 3. Step out looking smokin'.

Baby Got Back

Stick to clean pockets, since decorations add volume. Also, a contoured waist that's higher in the back ensures total coverage.

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Wide-leg, boot-cut, and flared denims balance out fuller thighs. Opt for a dark rinse or fading in the center of the leg-both are slimming.

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Slim-fit jeans that hit right at the ankle elongate legs. Avoid wide styles, which can overwhelm your frame and make your bottom half look like a square.

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Bitty Booty

Go for pockets that are little (your rear end will seem bigger in contrast), close-set (to give the illusion of rounder hips), or have flaps (for extra bulk).

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