How to Fix the Economy

How To fix The Economy

by Henry Massingale

June 20,2012

This posting is a Opinion Page, to add in what I may not see. This is by all means a Tea Party Agenda, to Rebuild America.

Issue #1;

The Tax System, is at 35% against companies. Why not reduce this Tax to 17% and lock it in for 10 years, At the same time each year reduce this by 1%, according to the Economy Recovery.

Issue # 2;

The sending of money to Countries that use this money to support Terrorism against America. I do understand a lot of Terrorism Act brought against Americans was because of Government Officials Betraying people of those countries.

End this money support for a 7 year period, and only give Aid in the form of Food and Health Care Needs.

Issue # 3;

More and more companies move over seas in order to not be Taxed the 35%. I see, and found out that the Pharmaceutical Companies that have been supported by American Tax Dollars to bring Pharmaceutical Heroin into the United States,now moved to Mexico.

Bring about the Uniting of the 50 States against this Pharmaceutical Heroin Health Care Concept, in Law Suites. Hold them responsible for the on going addiction problem in the USA and the Crimes Committed against Americans. And revoke their license to sell in the USA.

Get back the American Tax Dollars a Health Care Concept that was a lie.

Issue # 4;

The Deeds Of Trust, to the property of Americans. Stop selling America to China. If I may be so bold to speak in behalf of The People.

We The People Of The United States of America offer to this Government a $100 Trillion Dollar Offer, and to each state $5 Trillion each. A total of $350 Trillion Dollars to Rebuild America.

The American People get the Deeds Of Trust to their Property, Tax Free for life.

This is known as a Credit, that does not have to be paid back, just give The People the right to own their Property.

Each State will put up $1 trillion each for the Building block of, Building The Great Wall of China InAmerica... on the Mexican Border. The Federal Government will match the funds. This wall is around a $100 Trillion Dollar Cost for 10 Years. But will build jobs,towns, and security, and in respect of why China built that wall.....

I will keep this short and to the point, I gave my word I would give America back to The People and I have kept that promise....

What is in front of you is honest and true and will restore America's Security and Economy as it should be. Bring a defeat against this New World Order.

sin., Henry Massingale