Focusing on the good in others

About a month ago I was walked home by three known individuals however one of them i didn't know too well
I was intoxicated, the two females walked me upstairs to my room and the male
"waited" outside the following morning I was looking for my glasses and didn't even realise that my laptop was gone!
until a few minutes of doing a double take i went to my neighbor and asked her what happened?
she reassured me that she walked me to my roon with the other neighbor and that the male aquaintance stayed outside
making me question what he did? hmmm i made a phone call to the other neighbor expressing that my laptop was missing and got nowhere or answers
to make the story short i made a police report
and made some serious changes within myself, my surroundings, my circle

I take full resposibility for my choices that led to being in that situation
i couldn't believe that someone would steal from a single parent
my outlook was shaken up, specially because my nature i like to help others anyway that i can
but sometimes people that don't know any better do what they know
This Christmas I was blessed with receiving a new laptop from my in laws
my point in sharing this story is to always be cautious of your surroundings and also stay focus on changing you for the better and know that good in others still exist
don't let the non sense that others do out of envy stop you from being the better person that you are