Focusing the Team

LizCoslineLizCoslineIn any team there has to be a clear picture of where the team is headed. This means that every person on the team has to have the same definition and know the vision of the leader. But this is actually possible? Can every member of the team understand in the same way the leader or manager does? This is extremely unlikely unless there is discussion about it. It's not good enough to simply give an employee team the mission statement of the company or organization. Though good to know it is more about how that team fits into the statement along with how it relates to their job.

There are so many different kinds of teams. There are teams at companies often called departments. There are sports teams from little league to the pros. There are organization and volunteer teams. Families are actually a team structure and there are virtual teams. It doesn't matter what kind of team it is every team will need certain things.

Each team is going after many of the same things. It is going after working together, having ideas used, getting recognition and praise, going after goals, and finding success. People are also going after individual goals whether schooling, career advancement, or getting recognition. The leader wants the success of the team also with the defined goals reached in a consistent manner. So far it all sounds really easy, right?

Teams are complex structures because they are made up of people with different thinking, different background, different beliefs, and experiences. So any instruction that is not clear and concise can be left up to interpretation. When this occurs the result may come out differently than the leader intended. There is an interesting occurrence that happens with people when instruction is not given. They will try to figure it out themselves. Sometimes this is great. Other times the figuring out is off track and backtracking has to occur.

Teams take a lot of communication from the leader. The leader will need to check progress plus see that each member understands what is wanted and is progressing on track. Yet it is more communication that just giving orders, so to speak. It really is praising along the way, seeing the good, asking for ideas, celebrating accomplishments, and giving feedback. The way a team knows if success is happening is when there is positive feedback from the leader telling how far the team has come.

This should be done often. Let the team know that it is important and you as the leader appreciate what is done. Be clear, and concise checking to see that what was stated was in fact understood.

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