Four Things Making You Poor This Week

No small change! These four things can really dig into your budget. No small change! These four things can really dig into your budget. Save money by staying ahead of the news. Here's what you need to know this week

1. As if it weren't already expensive enough, the cost of raising a child has increased-by $8,000. Middle-income families with a child born in 2011 can expect to spend $235,000 over 17 years, according to a new report by the United States Department of Agriculture.

You can be frugal while still providing for your children, even when they're young. Here are ways to cut back on the cost of infant products, as well as childcare costs..

2. Americans are paying more and getting less for dental care. ABC reported that standard dental coverage has changed very little over the last 20 years, but the cost of dental care has risen, leading to greater out-of-pocket costs for treatment.

It is possible to save on a trip to the dentist! Start by visiting You'll see the link to state dental organizations, which sometimes offer programs for people with low incomes. You'll also find a list of dental schools, which often provide reduced-cost care.

3. Feeling lazy about mowing the lawn this weekend? If you live in this town, you could be fined $1000 for a messy yard.

*AND SOME GOOD NEWS: You can cut costs gardening by trying some of these green ideas.

4. If you need to travel to England this summer, you're out of luck. Thanks to the 2012 Olympic games, air travel prices to London are on the rise. In February, a round-trip from Newark to London Heathrow, leaving on July 26 and returning Aug. 9, came to just $804.44 (including taxes) while the next cheapest offering was $1069.60.

Taking a summer road trip in the United States is probably cheaper than you might anticipate. Gasoline prices dropped 9% in May, the most in almost 3 years, as reported by USA Today.