Fresh Wave: Clear the Air

Fresh Wave Crystal GelI am a huge fan of Fresh Wave odor eliminators. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they have no strong perfumes or fragrances to mask odors (which give me a serious headache). They are made of natural ingredients such as lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove, soy and cedar wood. This blend of ingredients, somehow, allows the products to neutralize strong smells without being overbearing in their scent. In fact, you can barely smell Fresh Wave. But work, it does.

Designed to get rid of strong odors in places like solid waste facilities, rubber manufacturing plants and asphalt factories, I thought, for sure, it would work in my teenage son's room. I used the Odor Neutralizing Crystals to rid Chase's bedroom of those teenage-son smells of dirty clothes, stale food, smelly soccer bags and lord knows what else…

The crystals, made from biodegradable food-grade polymer, completely dissolveFresh Wave Stinky Dorm Kit when the natural odor ingredients slowly dissipate (about 30 days). The container can then be discarded in the recycle bin.

I have also used the Fresh Wave Soy Candle . Our home has an open concept floor plan so when we cook our whole house smells like the kitchen (even into the next morning). The lightly scented candle eliminates food odors before they spread, keeping the whole house fresh.

To view Fresh Wave's complete line of products, to make a purchase or to find a retailer near you check out their website or buy on Amazon . While there you may also want to order their Stinky Dorm Kit to send directly to your college student. They will thank you. Because it's always the roommate's fault.