Get stuck on magnetized kitchen organization tools

I can't recall a time in my life when I didn't think magnets were fun. My kid managed to get her hands on some old school rattlesnake eggs, and I think I have them in hand way more than she does. I'm a pretty big fan of the jumbo mustache fridge magnet from our latest installment of Wackiest Kitchen Products. But, it turns out that there are great ways to use magents to enhance kitchen storage. The Better Housewares Bamboo Magnetic Bar ($27; Amazon) is a great way to put wallspace to work and it's a quick and easy upgrade that'll keep knives at the ready for food prep. Keep reading for more cool, magnetized kitchen organization tools

Magnetic Knife RackMagnetic Knife Rack Don't particularly care for trendy bamboo? The Tablecraft Magnetic Bar Rack shown above ($11.99; The Webstaurant Store) gives you the simple wall storage you need. There are even varieties available with heavy duty hook add-ons for pot holders and other hangable things. Another clever idea? The Lipper International 20-Piece Magnetic Spice Rack with Tins shown below (About $116; Amazon).

Magnetic Spice RackMagnetic Spice Rack

Don't need to spice up your life quite that much? Pfaltzgraff offers a 5-canister spice rack strip for just $9.99

For you hardcore DIYers, has the step-by-step how to for making your own custom magnetic spice rack--and it'll probably cost you a fraction of the inspirational Lipper International version pictured at left.

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