Getting Older

Remember your 10th birthday when you woke up early because you were so excited. As the day went on you would look out the window to see if any of your guests had arrived and when they finally did you actually felt older. Remember when that feeling of getting older was a good thing, so when exactly did that change? Why is getting older such a bad thing now as your 31st or 40th birthday approaches. Was it because we finally realized that life does not go the way we want it to and that now we wish that we were getting younger instead?

Well whatever made that feeling go away your birthday is still there looming around the next bend. Most people no longer want the big celebration its like if I don't have a party than I can ignore the fact that I am now a year older which in turn will just make me more upset. However, if I had chosen to have a party I would have spent hours of enjoyment and gotten a really good piece of cake and maybe I would have forgotten about the fact that growing up is such a bad thing. Because if you think about it birthdays aren't a bad thing in fact we should be so grateful that we have lived all these years because some people don't get to. We should be so happy that we got however many years of happiness, laughter, joy, pain, and any other emotion that makes life LIFE. So as your birthday approaches this year instead of feeling sad or depressed throw a kick-ass party instead and be thankful that you just got another year to be alive and that is worth the wrinkles and gray hairs.