With the coming holiday season I always like to suggest ways for people to share their talents, for me it's easy. I don't have alot of money or time but I do have the ability to think out side the box. Some creative reusable ideas for spreading the joy at Christmas and for the holidays. Those single serving plastic milk and orange juice containers make great vases, got kids allow them to help decorate them. Buy canvas bags and decorate them for gifts. Saves the environment and gives you something to tote your christmas stash in. Picture box frames from empty boxes are fun and easy. Fall leaf magnets to hold notes on the frige. Most of all giving something of your self to someone else - something you made for them. I made cloth holiday wreaths and christmas trees one year out of quilting scraps. To save on the cost of the foam stuffing, fill them with those plastic bags from the grocery store or old used nylons just remember to lable everything; vaccum the plastic and had wash and line dry the nylon. One major warning I want to pass along, eveything you use should pass the tests for safety. Often when we handmake stuff we forget think about how it will be used and which little hands will have access to them (pets too.) Gifts given from the heart are warmly received.