Give the Gift of Clean and Green with Exquisite Homemade Soap

Years ago many people made their own soap to save money, thus it was made using lard (usually not recommended for soap making) and uncertain strengths of lye. Homemade soap from years past often resulted in a harsh, smelly soap and more often than not irritated the skin. Compared to soaps of yesteryear, we have come along way in the soap making process and ingredients.

Today it is possible to make exceptional soap right in the comfort of your kitchen. Additionally making your own soap offers so much more benefits to your skin than what you can purchase in the store. Department store fine soaps can often run up to $8 per bar if not more and still lack the proper amount of ingredients that are truly beneficial for your skin. Thus making your own homemade soap with ingredients like cocoa butter, essential oils and herbal infusions, you are sure you are giving your skin the nutrients and moisture it needs. Additionally by selecting your own ingredients you can make your soap specific to your skin type. There are a variety of soap recipes; recipes for problem skin, such as acne and eczema, soaps to exfoliate just by adding some cut up loofah sponge into your recipe, and moisturizing soaps.

If you are considering making your own homemade soap, the glycerin rich Melt and Pour soaps is what I consider the easiest method. Melt and Pour soaps are easy to use, and blends with most fragrances, perfumes or essential oils. Additionally, Melt and Pour soaps are easy to color, pour into molds or cut with cookie cutters.

Another type of soap is Castile soap, which is made from pure olive oil. Pure castile soap has a different feel from what you are probably used to. I have heard some people describe it as smooth and creamy while others indicate that it feels slimy. With that said, most people make their Castile soap is made with three main ingredients: lye, water and pure olive oil. When using lye, there are definite precautionary measures to take, such as rubber gloves, eye wear and a good ventilated room. Although this type of soap making may sound intimidating Castile soap is a wonderful soap and offers moisturizing benefits to the skin. Additionally just like the Melt and Pour soaps, you can add essential oils, fragrances and herbal infusions. Castile soap lathers lavishly and does not leave the skin tight like some commercial soap on the market.

Homemade soap is fun to make and is a great gift for any occasion. Additionally it is another way of going green by eliminating store bought packaging from landfills and eliminating the chemicals that are washed down the drain everyday. Additionally, homemade soap makes wonderful gifts! Start now for this years Christmas gifts!

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