Gloria Vanderbilt: It's Important to Talk About the Death of Loved Ones

After taping Anderson's first show with his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, there was a huge response from viewers, who tweeted, posted on Facebook and left comments on the site about connecting with what Gloria said about surviving the loss of a loved one.

On Monday's show, Gloria joins Anderson for a full hour to discuss surviving loss and rebuilding a life in the aftermath.

While Anderson has had difficulty for years being able to talk about the loss of his father, who died when Anderson was 10, Gloria says, "It's very important to talk about it."

Take a look at this preview of Monday's very special show...

How long do you need before you're ready to talk about the death of a loved one?

When trying consol you over the loss of a loved one, has someone ever said something that has upset you?

Gloria shares what someone said to upset her, when asking about the death of her son, Carter...

Tune in Monday for a touching conversation, including tips on how to positively console a loved one who is grieving.

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