Grocery coupons worth printing: Whole Foods "On Sale"

Whole Foods is notoriously known as Whole Paycheck (I prefer Holy Foods because of its insistence on its organic/natural/sustainable superiority when the world has been evolving healthily, thank you very much). But when the going gets tough, the tough really want you to go shopping.

For all the skepticism of how widespread online couponing is, this is a pretty clear signal that the big pricey chains are nervous with the economy tanking. And 20 percent off on a purchase over $25 is a deal not to be discounted. No wonder the computers at the public library near me are constantly in use -- internet savings for free.

Budget Boosters: 35 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Food Dollars

I'm a total cynic who can comparison-shop in the best food city in America, but my Bay Area-based brother just emailed to say how awed he was by the Whole Foods he wandered into while visiting relatives in Scottsdale, Ariz. And so I'm passing this along. It's good till October 22. Might even cover a bag of chips. Small bag.

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