Guys on Romance: What’s Overrated vs. What’s Underrated

It's not that guys don't enjoy the coupley or romantic aspects of a relationship. It's just that they enjoy some more than others - and you may be surprised by what they prefer. Want more? Find out these surprising - and kinda crazy - factors that come into play when choosing a mate or even just a hookup.

Overrated: Love letters

Underrated: Romantic texts.If a guy sits down to write you an actual love letter, he's doing it to impress you. If he sends you a text out of nowhere telling you he's thinking about you, he's doing it because he can't help himself. Turn him on with these sexy texts.

Overrated: The smell of your perfume

Underrated: The smell of your hair. Good thing we've already found the best-smelling shampoos. There's nothing wrong with the subtle application of the right perfume, but catching a whiff of that clean-yet-flowery girl-hair smell beats any fragrance.

Overrated: Double dates

Underrated: Going to parties together.Double dates are often a little awkward. Seeing an entire party's worth of guys look jealous when he walks in with you is always totally awesome. Or try one of these guy-approved date ideas.

Overrated: Discussing your future house

Underrated: Discussing your future vacation.Contrary to popular belief, men aren't afraid to discuss or envision a future together. It's just that they prefer to focus on certain aspects (drinking on a beach) rather than others (grouting bathroom tile).

Overrated: Valentine's Day roses

Underrated: Flowers on a random day. V-Day roses require less than no imagination. But surprising you with flowers on a meaningless Tuesday is a sign that he doesn't need greeting-card companies to tell him when to show you how much he cares. These slightly sappy moves will succeed in yanking the heart strings of even the most macho romance-resistant man.

Overrated: Make-up sex

Underrated: Not fighting in the first place.He hates arguing with you almost as much as he loves having sex with you. So make-up sex isn't even close to being worth the excruciating pain of the fight that precedes it. Of course, little arguments are inevitable so learn how to emerge from a fight more in love.

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