Handcrafted wallets keep money in your pocket (and tell great stories)

"Could you use an extra $20? You'll never be without it - psychologically, anyway -- with these handmade wallets each with an imprinted $20 on the inside. The creator is Bob Snead, an artist who took inspiration from the lousy economy and is telling personal stories of survival with his handcrafted wallets. The idea grew out of a road trip where Bob saw firsthand the impact of the recession on towns across the country.

The The Each design in his Upturn collection is a window into someone's story of struggle and resilience. For instance, Bob's Firebird design depicts a classic Pontiac Firebird in honor of Kenneth Gourley, a muscle car mechanic who has spent 20 years helping his son fight cystic fibrosis.

These wallets turn an everyday item into a work of art, which got the attention of Randy Dunn, who told us about the Is Not Broke Recession Proof Wallets. "Combining the elements of art and function along with the always-present twenty-dollar bill completely sold me," Randy says. "Each one is handmade by an accomplished artist with a dedication to bringing art to 'the people' while maintaining a sense of humor."

Bob says that the irony of making wallets during the worst economy of our lifetime isn't lost on him. In fact, he revels in the idea, using the recession to forge bonds with other people who are struggling to stay afloat. From those relationships, Bob produces wallets that are conversation starters, tell great stories, and boost their owners' confidence - in any economy.

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