So This Happened: Man Assaulted for Wearing Cyborg Glasses

Steven Mann, PhDSteven Mann, PhD

Shine's spotlight of the most jaw-dropping photo from today's news.

Looking through news headlines on the Internet this morning, I thought a pack of scary clowns was going to jump out from behind my computer and scream, "July Fools!" when I saw this beauty. I actually blinked a few times and then an did extensive search to make sure the story wasn't a hoax, and apparently, its real. According to reports, University of Toronto professor, inventor, and resident steam punk freakazoid Steve Mann walked into a Paris McDonald's with his wife and two children and was assaulted by employees because he wouldn't remove his cyborg specs…something about "not allowing cameras." Problem was, the virtual reality glasses, are surgically attached. This image/story leaves me with so many unanswered questions, most of all, why would anyone go to a McDonald's in Paris?

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