Have you ever seen an iron that can do pushups?

We have friends who love to iron, and friends who don't. No matter which camp you fall into, Ehsan Alipour has created an iron that will make short work of the pile of grandma's linen napkins waiting to grace your holiday table.

The Oliso steam iron The Oliso steam iron Ehsan started researching household irons after he noticed that his mother and aunt spent a lot of energy manipulating their steam irons, shifting them constantly from a horizontal to an upright (and unsteady) position. So he invented Oliso, the iron with a brain. It's a cult favorite among quilters, seamstresses and other ironing enthusiasts who spend a lot of time in the pursuit of wrinkle-free fabrics. Ehsan is pictured here with Daily Grommet's Joanne at Maker Failre in New York this fall.

With Oliso, there's no more constant lifting or fear of burning and scorching. The Oliso steam iron.The Oliso steam iron. Ehsan's iTouch technology allows the hot surface of the iron to lift itself as if by magic levitation then return to the ironing board -- with a simple touch -- when you're ready to press. He describes it as "little push-ups" that spare you from constantly repositioning the iron and eliminates the risk of tipped-over irons. With Oliso at your fingertips, that stack of laundry will be done in minutes.

Buy the Oliso Steam Iron here.

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