Have you heard the one about the gurgling fish jug?

Here's your chance to pour like a fish and drink like a queen… the Queen of England that is!

Prince CharlesPrince CharlesThe Gluggle Jug is a fish-shaped water jug that gurgles delightfully when it pours, making it both fun and functional. It's a great conversation piece with a rich history. Gluggle jugs were first produced in the late 1800s in Staffordshire, England, and the merry glugging sound has made these a favorite among collectors for more than 100 years. And would you believe they're even fit for royalty? Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip have a pair of bespoke Gluggles that date back to 1958, and it's rumored that Prince Charles still uses one to pour water into his scotch.

The Gluggle Jug, Fish Shaped Gurgling JugThe Gluggle Jug, Fish Shaped Gurgling JugOur Gluggle Jugs are from U.K.-based Wade Ceramics. The jugs are fully glazed, dishwasher safe, and hold up to 40 ounces. The fish-shaped vessels also exhibit beautifully as decorative vases or containers. There are five gorgeous colors to choose from, and they make wonderful hostess or thank you gifts. Even better, you can buy one for yourself and pour as the Royals do.

Buy the Gluggle Jug fish shaped gurgling jug here.

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