Health care non-debate.

I previously wrote health care for all or nothing at all, and I firmly believe we the American people are entitled to health care. Seems strange from someone with a temporary Medicard on Foodstamps struggling to finish their education. The government took my job, because I was doing my job. The circumstance surrounding my removal, involved being threaten, that if I did not stop exercising my right to whistleblow I would lose my job, my pension and eventually my life. The supervisor who threatened me was able to make all those things happen, he's retired now. And I am sure he is comfortable in his $300,000.00 house with this $56,000.00 dollar pension, but I have the satisfaction of knowing I changed history. Dispite my diagnosis of Cervical Dystonia (Parkinson's) and the end of my Federal Career; I now depend on my books and illustrations. I told them when I left Federal serivce and they told me all my knowledge was proprietary, that my brain was not proprietary. It is however, donated to science. The government removed me for entering space I was not suppose to be in; yet in my job discription at the time my assigned duties including entering that space to repair office equipment malfunctioning. So if they had not removed me for disobeying a supervisory instruction, then they would have removed me for not doing my job. You ask what does all this have to do with health care, well tell me is Parkinson's considered a pre-existing condition and I will list the accidents both on and off Federal property which caussed it.