Holiday eating!

I went grocery shopping yesterday and purchased all the food I'll need to make my Thanksgiving dinner. I'm African American and we really go all out for the holiday:Turkey, Dressing, Macaroni & cheese casserole, Cranberry sauce, greens, sweet potato pies, a zillion cakes, and other extras. I purchased my first home in September and will be hosting the holiday at my house to show off my new pad. I'm inviting my immediate family and some friends over. I'm trying to decide if I should make a few extra dishes in addition to the traditional soul food meals I prepare. My friends are of all nationalities,so I would really like some suggestions on what to add to my meal so that everyone will enjoy. I got a suggestion from a colleague to stuff the turkey. This is something that most Black people just don't do and can be difficult to do, because we don't actually make stuffing. Would love some food suggestions and to hear what others plan to do for the holiday.