The Honest Company: Just Another Celebrity Venture? Hardly

Actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba at the launch of her new venture, The Honest Company.After the birth of her second baby, actress Jessica Alba launched a product line of eco-friendly and stylish baby, household and beauty products with favorable reviews. It would be easy to dismiss the success her first entrepreneurial venture, The Honest Company, as the simply byproduct of celebrity backing. It certainly doesn't hurt that that the company has a beautiful, popular and eloquent actress at its helm. But The Honest Company has something else that's driving its popularity: smart products.

Alba's idea to launch a toxin-free baby product line came at the same time as her first experiences of motherhood. When she was pregnant with daughter, Honor, she researched products that would be safe for her baby to use. Alba was ultimately shocked at the number of toxins in everyday baby products like diapers. Alternative products she used were eco-friendly but lacked in quality. Earlier this year Alba told Mother Nature Network, "Effectiveness and performance are important to moms! It was beyond frustrating so I created, because, as a mom, I needed and wanted it, and wanted someone to do it better. Turns out, a lot of other parents did too." The company is co-lead by Alba's business partner Christopher Gavigan; both he and Alba are closely involved in product development.

While the baby products have been met with praise from bloggers, the body and bath products are also a hit because these essentials aren't limited to baby-only use. We love that the body and hair wash indicates that it's safe enough for "mom's color-treated hair." The company just launched a line of lip balms, available via

The company also sells household products like dishwasher gel and laundry detergent. lists the product ingredients in detail for each item, which is useful for parents with family members with sensitive skin or allergies.

All products can be purchased at The company offers a monthly subscription-based bundle, which is a nice way to not worry about restocking your shelves. Products can also be purchased individually, but you definitely get a better deal buying via subscription.

Have you used any products from The Honest Company? Yay or nay?