Horoscope compatibility

I would like to touch upon this topic as I get lot of queries regarding Horoscope Matching. Horoscope Matching /Horoscope Compatibility/ Kundali Matching /gun Milan they all the same but the problem is that when you visit a Astrologer basically they just matching your horoscope based on guna which is a wrong practice. There are 32 guna which need to be matched as per Vedic Indian Astrology and you should have minimum 18 matching points for a decent match. Now comes the actual horoscope matching where after all this you should properly match the horoscope on different factors present like your 7 th house aspects on it , placement of your lord of 7 th house this will tell you about how basically your marriage going to be , if there are chances of second marriage . look at the navamsh chart look at the lagna lord in your chart it can tell you a lot about the personality of your going to be partner his or hers looks, temperament, nature, outlook etc.

When you have both the charts look at the 5 th house of your charts their interrelation in both your charts this will be beneficial in knowing about your future progeny child birth related issues if you want to know. Look at your moon charts placement and interrelations. Placement of mars ( mangal) are you manglik or not.

In present day scenario I would also consider what dasha both of you running how you going to be on the work front your income your finances as a lot of people what to know about their future partner. So basically a horoscope matching is a detailed thing not just matching of guna levels between two horoscopes so basically when getting your horoscope matched try to get all this information for yourself so that you will know more in detail about your future partner as well as what to expect .