How does it matters if at all that transfers of of Police force and its officers off and on so soon takes place .

As per news papers one reads daily about the in efficiency in controlling the crime graph very often specially in U.P. as well in other estates, and thus the criminals begin to feel safe enough to go for their prey with out fear of the law and mocking at it. And the governance feels good and think it as a remedy to transfer the top officers and may suspend some lower ranks some of them are made to police line as punishment as enough. We have to understand that if in war or in local criminal arising if the army is employed and some delay may occur to control then is it the way that the officer and the commander is changed and replaced by another officer who may not be knowing about the topography of the place and about the enemy,- never it will be so as the police force does may be just to please the violent party of the voters etc. We mean to say that some experts of police force may be giving either Indian military training or given foreign training to learn how the police of other places does control the crime etc. Is it not a wasteful work to transfer the top officers who may be just ignorant of the problem and the place etc. The day the police force is set right there may be solved so many problems including the corruption and financial bungling and ghotalass.